My Biggest Travel Disaster

Beautiful Lake Volta. See the dark clouds? Foreshadowing. 
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I’ve been pretty naive in some of my past travel experiences, but never more so than the time I decided to head out to Ghana, equipped with very little but a steadfast belief that I could do some serious good, that I somehow had something to offer, and that I was definitely tough enough to [...]

Couchsurfing for Beginners

Or maybe it is a space cow!

If you’re a budget traveler, at this point you’ve heard of Couchsurfing. Many of you have probably done it at some point (some of you have probably made it your way of life). The rest of you might be understandably trepidatious about sleeping in the home of a stranger you met on the internet. I [...]

The Problems with Voluntourism

Did you know that a baby armadillo is called a "diglet"?

This is a difficult article to write, and I think I will offend a great many people. I want to preface it by saying that I’ve been there – I’ve participated in many volunteer abroad programs (some which charged me a hefty fee, and others I found for free). I’ll speak to some of the [...]

When Disaster Strikes Back Home


You’ll probably find dozens of handbooks providing advice on what to do if shit goes down for you while you’re traveling abroad. There are guides available for just about every disaster you could ever imagine facing as a traveler, and for many which you probably never knew existed (you probably won’t get leprosy after traveling [...]

Iceland on a Budget: Dirty Vagrant Style

So beautiful it hurts my eyes

Between the two of us, we’ve been to Iceland 8 times (both before and after the economic collapse). Raphaela is currently in Iceland, and I (Lehua) am going to be in Iceland within three weeks. It’s much cheaper now than it was then, but traveling here can still cost you a pretty penny. If you [...]

Traveling as a Vegetarian

Eat me!

 (Or: How Not to be a Pain in the Butt)   I’m a vegetarian and a foodie (no, it is not an oxymoron). Sadly for me, I’m also drawn to those cold, Arctic places where meat is a way of life – and I know how rude it can be to refuse your host’s food. [...]

I Learned to WWOOF the Hard Way


If you’ve never heard of WWOOFing, check it out here. WWOOF is a program that allows travelers to trade farmwork for food and a place to stay on organic farms all over the world. I’ve had some great WWOOFing experiences (as have many others), but a few have been horrible. I WWOOFed on a farm [...]

When to Save, When to Splurge


One of my first solo trips abroad was to Brazil, when I was 18. My parents didn’t feel comfortable with me heading to Brazil alone, so I got in touch with another girl from New England and we opted to fly together. I told her to just buy a ticket and send me the flight [...]

Put that camera down!

Don't even look, it is embarrassing.

Do it. Take a day to explore without your camera. I spent a whole gap year traveling without a camera. Do I wish I had pictures now, to look back on? Sure I do, but the experience was awesome. This is the truth – no picture will ever come close to matching up to what [...]

Communist Art in Bulgaria

What's that over your shoulder? Modernity.

In communist Russia, art looks at you! But seriously folks, former communist countries are jam-packed with opportunities to see the propaganda “art” the people’s money funded (instead of food, clothes, etc.). These massive monoliths are present on nearly every major street corner, and they confront the modern-day inhabitants with two conundrums. First, how to feel [...]