Confessions of a Dirty Vagrant

Just you wait. Spend enough time on the road and Bovril will become a meal.

Life on the road seems glamorous and romantic because those are the stories that make it back home with us. Sometimes traveling sort of sucks, though, and that’s okay. It’s good to keep a positive attitude and make the best of things, but you’re allowed to sometimes think that the Chinese food in China isn’t [...]

Fly Classy; Don’t Squat

This fella never left me alone - but he was cute, so I didn't mind.

Once an Argentine lady sitting in front of me reached behind and grabbed my thigh. She was aggravated by what she perceived as repeated seat kicking. I promise I didn’t mean to – there was just no way I could sit without my knees touching her chair. I am far from tall; the plane was [...]

A Rebuttal: A Case for the Tropics

You won't find beaches like these (or boys like these) up north.

  This article was guest-written by our friend and fellow dirty vagrant Carmella Guiol.  In response to the post praising the colder regions of the planet, I have decided to retaliate with my own post in praise of the warmer, tropical regions of the world! Raised in South Florida without an air conditioner, I might [...]

On Hating Americans

Sorry we fucked up your culture and economy, dude. Here, have a nice baseball cap. [credit]

I was recently in Berlin, where I spent pretty much the entire week stuffing my face with falafel. (Side note: I challenge anyone who whines about European immigration to eat more falafel and take a good hard look at the joys you’re railing against). The man who served me my delicious falafel asked me where [...]

Mom-Approved Hitch-Hiking Tips

The smile is a good start, but you might also want to button up your shirt if you want a ride, buddy. Some of us are a little prudish. [Photo Credit]

  This article was guest-written by our friend and fellow dirty vagrant Carmella Guiol.  Sometimes travel can get really expensive, and we need to choose between taking the train or feeding ourselves. [Ed.: We all met in a coop house. We love food - this isn't even a close call at all.] Luckily, there is one very [...]

Hostel Tips: Etiquette

And if you can't cope with some of these rules, you should probably check out. [credit]

Hostels can be fantastic places to meet fellow travelers, but I’ve spent too many nights awake, silently fuming at the blustering guests at hostels. You’ve met them – the snorers (oh god, the snorers!), the loud partiers, the shower hoggers. Oh, how irrationally and deeply I have loathed each and every one of them! How [...]

In Praise of Cold Places

See those birds in the icy water? Those are flamingos. Even the flamingo, state bird of Florida, can enjoy bathing in cold weather.

I don’t know where you’ll find me a year from now, and I think that is awesome. If you were to press me for details, though, I’d probably tell you that you’re unlikely to find me lazing on a beach in some island paradise. It’s not that I dislike beaches, or the sun (but if [...]

How to Learn a Language (or Fake it) Quickly and Free

I always learn food words fastest. Yum.

Once some gauchos were making fun of my adorable novio. I was the only non-Native Spanish speaker and my wonderful friend was entertaining the entire ranch with some well-crafted half-truths. I turned red and got really silent, before finally bursting out with “estoy embarazada!” I was trying to say that I was embarrassed; I told them [...]

A Complete Guide to Busking

The city square on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Too bad these guys already claimed the space.

When I visited a friend’s parents, Mr. Friend’s Dad asked me how I planned to make money starting out after college. I said that I was already earning well over minimum wage reading tarot cards on the beach. His face turned white and he said “but…you’re not planning on doing that for a living. That’s [...]

You Can’t See Europe in Two Weeks

Not a great alternative to Doritos.

  We all know that person who’s tried to “do Europe” in two weeks – maybe some of you have even been that person. If you have been that person before, you can probably stop reading this article right now, because that’s not the sort of mistake any reasonable person makes twice. And we assume [...]