Confessions of a Dirty Vagrant

Just you wait. Spend enough time on the road and Bovril will become a meal.

Life on the road seems glamorous and romantic because those are the stories that make it back home with us. Sometimes traveling sort of sucks, though, and that’s okay. It’s good to keep a positive attitude and make the best of things, but you’re allowed to sometimes think that the Chinese food in China isn’t [...]

Accommodation Extremes

This is the view from the boat upon which I did not spend the night.

  We once stayed with a crazy lady who screamed at us for using some of her toilet paper. Shockingly, that didn’t even make the list of our best and worst accommodation experiences. Without further ado: WORST: Lehua:  A lot of the details from this story are going to be fuzzy, because it starts with [...]

My Biggest Travel Disaster

Beautiful Lake Volta. See the dark clouds? Foreshadowing. 
Photo Credit.

I’ve been pretty naive in some of my past travel experiences, but never more so than the time I decided to head out to Ghana, equipped with very little but a steadfast belief that I could do some serious good, that I somehow had something to offer, and that I was definitely tough enough to [...]

When Disaster Strikes Back Home


You’ll probably find dozens of handbooks providing advice on what to do if shit goes down for you while you’re traveling abroad. There are guides available for just about every disaster you could ever imagine facing as a traveler, and for many which you probably never knew existed (you probably won’t get leprosy after traveling [...]

The Importance of Communication (Or: Evading an Accidental Threesome)

Imagine this, but with a hurricane in the background.

When I was in Belize I traveled alone to a beautiful beach town called Placencia for a city-wide beach party called Lobsterfest. I arrived after dark on the first day of the festival and all the inns seemed to be full. In desperation I even asked an elderly fruit vendor if I could camp in [...]