Japan on a Budget, Dirty Vagrant Style

Okay, so I couldn't afford to eat here, but the views alone were well worth the short train ride from Kyoto.

Japan isn’t an expensive country. Did I just blow your mind? I should qualify that.  I know a lot of people who want to visit Japan but have heard horror stories about how expensive it is. Frankly, it’s bollocks. Japan really doesn’t have to be an expensive country. If you’ve traveled in Scandinavia or the [...]

Svalbard and Norway on a Budget: Dirty Vagrant Style

This goat looks unimpressed with Norway's scenery. He must be blind.

I don’t like to pick favorites, but Norway might be my favorite country (please – don’t hold me to that). The only problem? It’s so damn expensive. After spending a few days in Bergen, I started to think that only rich old people ever really venture to this country – backpackers would have to be [...]

The Open Road: Your American Road Trip

A national park (Crater Lake Park)

The road trip has been a rite of passage for Americans since the popularization of the automobile. For many people it holds the promise of freedom. The archetypal American road trip has become a cliche, yet we still can’t help packing our bags and hitting the road. If you are about to have a road trip, [...]

Iceland on a Budget: Dirty Vagrant Style

So beautiful it hurts my eyes

Between the two of us, we’ve been to Iceland 8 times (both before and after the economic collapse). Raphaela is currently in Iceland, and I (Lehua) am going to be in Iceland within three weeks. It’s much cheaper now than it was then, but traveling here can still cost you a pretty penny. If you [...]

Communist Art in Bulgaria

What's that over your shoulder? Modernity.

In communist Russia, art looks at you! But seriously folks, former communist countries are jam-packed with opportunities to see the propaganda “art” the people’s money funded (instead of food, clothes, etc.). These massive monoliths are present on nearly every major street corner, and they confront the modern-day inhabitants with two conundrums. First, how to feel [...]