How I Safely Clean My Exterior Surfaces (What you should avoid when cleaning exterior surfaces)

Do you know that water flowing underhigh pressure from a tiny aperture can cut through metal surface, or split an iron bar into two?

Sometimes we forget that water running out of a tiny tube could be as destructive as the flood and heavy downpour if it’s running under high pressure. Water flowing out from the nozzle of a pressure washer can cause such similar damages if not handled properly. For instance, it can cause skin lacerations if the water is sprayed on someone. It can also damage soft surfaces like wood or even knock down a person from the ladder.

However, pressure washers are very useful for exterior surface cleaning if handle with care. Here, I will reveal a few important safety tips and how best to use a pressure washer. And also recommend for you top-best safe pressure washers you can use for cleaning. Let’s begin;

Use the right equipment:

Your selection on the right pressure washer should be based on the size and kind of surface to be cleaned. For instance, I use pressure washers with lower pressure because my floor is laminated with soft fine woods that cover a smaller area. If you’re running an industry, you should go for the ones with a higher pressure. Those ones can probably do the job well.

While deciding on the right one, it’s equally important to use the appropriate size nozzle. Depending on the kind of surface, big size nozzle could reduce the pressure of the flow, hence the cleaning won’t be efficient. Moreover, some pressure washers come with adjustable spraying strength. So adjust the whole set-up to the proper setting before using.

Wear proper PPE (personal protective equipment)

Shorts and flip-flops are strong no. You should wear your PPE even in summer, is for your safety, even though wearing it at some point doesn’t feel good.

Keep your hands off the way of the washer spray

What I don’t forget in a hurry is always keeping my hands off the way of the washer spray. The spraying strength or pressure can shop off your fingers especially spraying at high pressure. In like manner, don’t blast the jet of water playfully on anyone. That your playmate could become a patient and end up on the hospital bed.

Look at the operating manual

Don’t think is not necessary to read manual because the equipment is user-friendly- No. Operating Manual is also for your safety. Remember that every pressure washer is different and so is the operating procedure. So read the manual to avoid disaster.

Beware of your surroundings

Before you start cleaning, observe your surroundings- Is it bushy or busy? Are there tender plants? Checkout for any pet nearby. Don’t forget to check for electrical points. Cover electric wires and cable in plastic, close any vents, and stay off ladders. This is because kickback from water blasts can knock you off a ladder.

Now that you know how to operate safely, it’s paramount to show you few top-selected pressure surface cleaners designed specifically for any kind of exterior surface. They are safe to use and make your exterior surfaces dazzle in bright light.

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No matter what your vice, the Netherlands will probably satisfy it. Just don’t get too caught up in all the drugs and beer and live sex shows, because you’ll miss out on fields of tulips, awesome museums, and beautiful canal streets. Take a FEW sober pictures to take home for mom, will ya?
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Oh my god, the food. And did you know that there is a syndrome people can get from looking at art that is too amazing and awe-inspiring? It is called Florentine syndrome and it causes dizziness, palpitations, dilated pupils, and fainting. The art there is so beautiful that people literally faint from awe. I can’t think of anything more picturesque than reading Ovid under an olive tree on the windswept coast of a craggy limestone island.
Slovenia is drop-dead gorgeous. It has Alps, the Mediterranean, gorgeous castles on islands in the middle of lakes, and a beautiful capital city. It’s a tiny little gem that has everything its bigger neighbors have, plus great caving. It’s slightly cheaper than Italy and Austria (neighboring country to the north) and slightly pricier than the former Yugoslavian countries to the South.
Who wouldn’t fall in love with this charmer? A geothermally active island nation of hearty and creative folks who also keep lots of sheep and wear lots of wool. Go in the summer and take a hike through a glacial ice-cave, or go in the winter and watch the northern lights from a geothermal river while snow coats the ground. Iceland has some of the coolest citizens of any country, with more artists, actors, musicians, directors, authors and what not (per capita!) than any other country. Plus, one of the volcanoes here is rumored, according to Dante, to be the direct portal into hell which all evil souls go through to, which is pretty damn cool.
Sure, the Scots have them beat on the whisk(e)y front, but few places can rival Ireland’s gorgeous natural scenery, laid-back beer culture, and beautiful folk music. Plus, sweet Jesus, those accents. You don’t need to have a weakness for gingers in order to fall in love with this place and its people, but that definitely won’t hurt.
It’s been established that Scotland has the best whisky in the world, but it also has some of the most gorgeous scenery, vibrant cities, and legendary sea creatures. Plus, we have it on good authority that haggis is actually very delicious. Go there and enjoy yourself, just don’t call the people British.
Known mostly for being the birthplace of Skype, this place is way cooler than that fact will lead you to believe. Estonia is one of the most prosperous ex-Soviet states, and it has as much in common with its neighbor to the north, Finland, (including a similar and equally impossible language) as it does to its fellow ex-Soviet countries. Its capital, Tallinn, is a beautiful medieval city with awesome nightlife and lots of very attractive people.
Imagine that Greece and Russia had a baby, and that baby was filled with delicious food, beautiful mountains, monasteries, ruins, communist propaganda art, and cliffside towns. Now imagine that there were no open container laws and a bottle of the local wines cost less than a bottle of water.
Dracula is Romania’s most famous citizen, but this country has a lot more to offer than vampires and castles (although it has those too). Bustling Bucharest has a great nightlife, bistros, and huge opulent palaces as could only be imagined by a megalomaniac dictator who doesn’t care about the wellbeing of his people. Horse drawn carriages are a common site in the outskirts, and the word “peasant” is not an anachronism or insult. The mountain roads are widely acknowledged to be some of the most beautiful and most terrifying drives in the world.
Argentina has everything you could ever want (and some things you could never want, like Nazis). It has an awesome capital city, great wine, gorgeous beaches, even better looking people, glaciers in the south, one of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls (well, half of it) and ranches in the north. Oh, and the steak. Did we say EVERYTHING you could ever want? Okay, we may have lied a teensy bit. People who like vegetables are going to have a rough time here.
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Bosnia & Hercegovina
Bosnia is known for its friendly people, gorgeous mountain scenery, and being one of the best bargains in Europe. It’s also known for being the site of a fairly recent genocide, and landmines still pepper the more remote areas. If you’re up for an adventure though, go hop on one of its rickey old trains, drink some delicious Turkish coffee, visit a mosque, and learn about one of the most fascinating and vibrant cultures in Europe.
Our neighbor to the north doesn’t get nearly as much love as it deserves for its breathtaking natural splendor. Lupins in the summer, northern lights, islands, mountains, reindeer, waterfalls, pristine lakes, wild rivers, need I say more? (As we write this, one of your dear travel correspondents has escaped to a little remote Canadian island, so it from her.)
Yes, it’s infested with tourists seeking drugs and prostitutes, and you’ll see an uncomfortable number of creepy large white men preying on underage Thais. It’s hot and Bangkok is smelly and crazy and there are streets you can walk down that will be 95% tourists and approximately 100% of them will be high. Think about all that and then imagine how awesome Thailand must be to STILL be one of the world’s best travel destinations. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find in in Thailand. Go get a $3 massage and a 50 cent dinner that will blow away everything else you’ve ever eaten in your life. Then come home and cry about the fact that you couldn’t take it all back with you.
Machu Picchu is one of the most incredible destinations in the world, but I almost feel like I’m doing Peru a disservice by starting out with that one. Yeah, it’s amazing – but the rest of the country isn’t too shabby, either. The food is great, the surfing is awesome, the hiking is spectacular and, we hear, the ayahuasca can be life-changing (just be careful!)
Ask Hamlet, he’ll tell you that this country has as much more culture than most other places in Europe. There are palaces (there is still a monarchy), museums, and beer factories. In the very heart of the capital city is an autonomous zone which has declared itself no longer ruled by Danish law. But they are the nicest, hippiest sort of outlaws; they mostly hold music festivals and sell drugs. If you are a biker, this is a great place for you. There are rental bikes for very cheap everywhere in the city, and the infrastructure was designed for bikers instead of cars with timed streetlights and foot rests so you don’t tip over waiting at intersections. Protected biking trails, along with high-speed trains, criss-cross the entire country.
Stockholm is the capital of Swedish culture, and it has the extra bonus of being incredibly beautiful (plus you could probably eat off its streets, but we don’t recommend that). It’s spread out across a series of islands and peninsulas, so that you have to take bridges to get to the different parts of the city. Bonus points for lunchtime electronic dance parties and lots of beautiful people.
This is probably one of the most awe-inspiring countries in the world. Fjords, mountains, arctic forests, fantastic hiking, and beautiful happy people. This country is one of the most expensive in the world, but it is absolutely worth it. It is one of our favorites. And, though the nature is untamed, Oslo is full of enough cultural treasures and nightlife to keep you occupied for a good long time
New Zealand
Who wouldn’t fall in love with this charmer? An geothermally active island nation of hearty and creative folks who also keep lots of sheep and wear lots of wool. Flight of the Conchords has made the New Zealand sense of humor world famous, and Lord of the Rings has done the same for its natural splendor. This country is home of the best adventure sports in the world, really beautiful fjords, fantastic hiking, and some very cool volcanos which might or might not have creepy disembodied fire-eyes floating on the top of them. [<a href=source]” title=”8218869374_ef29e2db8c_z” width=”640″ height=”469″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-926″ />
This is a destination for the more adventurous among you. It’s astoundingly beautiful and fascinating. It’s also expensive and cold, but there’s nothing quite like wrapping yourself in sealskin and gazing up at the Aurora Borealis after an arduous week of dog-sledding. It’s worth blowing your life savings to go there (I did it!), so visit before it disappears.
Mexico has fantastic cuisine, some beautiful out of the way sites like cenotes and Aztec ruins, and fantastic natural beauty. It is a big enough country that there is a huge variety between different climates and pockets of widely varied culture, especially because Mexico has many indigenous groups. Plus, it is more accessible from the USA than a lot of the other options those other options. Just stay clear of the border towns if possible, and you will for the most part be staying clear of the drug related violence.
Costa Rica
This is an adventure destination for the slightly-less-adventurous amongst you. If you want to visit a place with world-class hiking, surfing, and zip-lining, but you also prefer stable democracies and relatively low crime rates (especially outside of its capital, San Jose – and why in the world would you stay in San Jose, anyways?) then this country is perfect for you.
The biggest draw that this country has is its proximity to the US and a shared language. It is beautiful, with spectacular rainforests, cenotes, white sand beaches, and one of the largest coral reefs in the world. But it is also a very small country so it can’t contain as much variation or as big attractions as Mexico, its neighbor to the north. If you are mostly interested in swimming and scuba diving, I would recommend this country without hesitation. If you want a taste of Latin America without having to learn a new language I’d like to warn you that, culturally, Belize is much more Caribbean than Latin. If you want to get into the lush rainforests, keep in mind that the really beautiful ones are very remote, and you would absolutely have to rent a car to get there.
Bolivia has some of the most breath-taking and weird scenery in the world. You can hike in the rainforest, chill on the world’s highest navigable lake, and spend a few nights in a hotel made out of…salt. Just make sure to relax and bring your binoculars: the star-gazing in the desert is the most incredible I’ve ever seen. The food is tasty, too.
Everest – need we say more? Okay: this country is one of the best bargains for your buck in the world. The people are friendly, the food is tasty and cheap, the shopping is fantastic, and the trekking is world class. Sure, the buses are terrifying and you might end up sharing a seat with an old lady and her three chickens, but that’s all part of the fun.

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