Best Water Purification Tablets

There are a few things we need in order to survive, food, oxygen, and water. We can survive three weeks without food and oxygen is pretty much a free guarantee, but water is a different matter. The longest we can go without water is three days. When undertaking a long hiking trip, hydration is key and nothing tastes better than freshwater.

But safe water is not a guarantee. Special precautions are required to ensure you have a way of drinking clean safe water. But, the boiling of water is not always available. Having completed various hikes, I want to introduce you to some features to look for in the best water purifying tablets for hiking.

Now water purification tablets may seem like a new initiative but there are so many choices available that its hard to know exactly what you should be getting. It isn't as easy as dropping a tablet in contaminated water and quenching that thirst. There are so many features and varying compounds that will require consideration.

Each type has advantages and disadvantages. The best water purification tablets have chlorine dioxide which is great at combating bacteria, cysts, viruses, and cryptosporidium, but this will take 4 hours to clean the water. It's important to look at the timing that purification will take as it can range from 30 minutes to 4 hours. It's important to not give up those special chemicals for faster drinking time, so good planning is a must.

Make sure to remember that even the best water purification tablets do not filter the water so if your water is cloudy and has loads of particles it's always a good idea to filter the water through a cloth first and then use the water purification tablet. Bacteria can hide in cracks and crevices of other particles so please don't find out the hard way.

One last piece of advice, I want to impart is that using tablets that have iodine in them is advised against if you suffer from thyroid complications, so please ensure you read the ingredients.

This should help you find the best water purification tablets for hiking.

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