What are the best brands of smoker grill combo?

Before you go out and start looking at the different grill and smoker combos, you should learn more about the reliable brands of smoker grill combo. You will not want to waste your time and money for the device that give you inefficiently function.

In this guide, we’ll cover some brands of best smoker grill combos on the market. These are the things you absolutely need to look out for and consider when you’re looking to buy a smoker and grill combo for your own personal needs.

#1 How many people are you planning to cook for?

The smoker grill combo is produced in a certain size. On a regular basic, how many people that you are planning to cook for? This will ultimately determine the size of the charcoal smoker grill combo that you choose to go with.

There are some manufacturers produce the larger size of smoker grill combo for those that like to regularly hosts bigger bashes out back: Char-Griller Trio or the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland charcoal, Pit Boss Memphis smoker grill combo is a good ideal. These combos have more than enough space to cook for a large group. Or you may have to cook for multiple rounds to have enough food for everyone.

However, if you want to just cook occasionally for close family and friends, then a smaller unit will heat up faster and save you more space. In this case, you can go with PK Grills or Char-Griller device.

#2 Portability

Many people prefer to use their grill backyard outdoor of for camping and be the person who does the cooking. If you are looking for the smoker and grill combo that is easy to take from one point to another, I would like recommend you to use the grill of some brands such as Char-Broil, Oklahoma Joe’s Highland or Outsunny.

These grills can be able to move when they need to while remaining rock solid and stationary when you need them to as well, so good wheels and legs are enough.

#3 Price

If the price is a major factor when you shopping around for the smoker grill combo, you can consider the Outsunny Backyard charcoal smoker grill combo. This unit have the low price but give you great value.

Generally, the price can can vary from concerning $100 to over $500 relying on the quality of the grill and its additionals features. It is obvious that the grill with special function, high quality and larger will come at a premium.

What to consider when feeding chinchillas with hay?

Chinchillas have very sensitive digestive systems, so feeding them with quality diet in the properly way is essential to their health. One of the most important aspects of daily Chin care is providing the best chinchilla hay.

This article explores the some factors that you may need to choose the right quality hay and also some problems that chinchilla owner often wonder.

#1 Can Chinchillas eat hay only for their diet?

The only hay diet that means feeding your chinchilla nothing but fresh hay, no pellets, no cubes, no greens, and no other treats. Normally, you will be recommend to feed chinchillas with 75% hay, 20% pellets, 5% veggies/fruits and the small amount of treats within a few days in the daily diet.

The fact that pellets for chinchillas are made of hay too, although they can contain added some others ingredients, vitamins and minerals. This is why many chinchilla owner believed that your pets could eat a hay only diet.

However, there are some things have to consider about it. Some chinchillas love to eat pellets more than fresh hay. This is the good way to provide them with full of nutrients. Moreover, in the case if you’re unfortunate to get the bad hay with poor nutrient, then your chinchillas will become deficient. Pellets are safer choice. It should be the best treat for chinchillas.


#2 First cut vs second cut vs third cut

Many chinchillas owner do not understand about the different between the first cutting, the second cutting, and the third cutting.

The first cut is the first growth of hay of the year. It is only best to feed chinchillas if it’s harvested when the grass is immature. Otherwise, it may include more weeds. The first cut is also hard, coarse, indigestible fiber that makes the hay unpalatable.

The second cut has the higher qulity that the first times. The stems will be finer and softer to eat. It also has the better percentage of leaves to stems. The second cut also contains have more protein and fat contents.

The third cut is even softer and finer than the second cut. It also offers the hay with more leaves than steams. However, this time will provide the hay with lack of fiber, what make it not good for chinchillas

What Is The Best Commercial Ice Machine For Your Business?

The days of hot weather always make us crave a cool glass of water or a colorful glass of shaved ice. For restaurants or bars, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Trading in beverages that requires little investment but high profits. That’s why the best commercial ice machine is the most popular choice for this business to grow.

However, restaurant owners should not be too hurry when investing in an ice machine. Take some time to answer some of the questions below so you can choose the most suitable product.

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#1 What’s your purpose?

First, determine what your purpose of use is to select the appropriate commercial ice machine.

Will you grow this business bigger or just need to serve your automated counters. Demand and scale of use will determine the type and capacity of ice machines.

Therefore, you will want to invest in a device that suits your needs and purposes. The wrong investments will only make you more costly and frustrating.

#2 Who is the main user of the device?

You also need to consider who uses the ice machine because some devices require complex operation. This operation requires you to spend time researching the usage and installation.

And not every employee is willing to take the time to learn about this issue, which is why you have to answer this question.

#3 What is your budget?

Budget is also a factor that you need to consider. A commercial ice machine is not an investment of just a few dollars so you need to consider carefully.

It’s best not to invest multiple times in one device and this is also the way you preserve your budget.

Not the most expensive devices always have the best quality. You should have a more comprehensive view to be able to compare many different products. From there it is possible to choose a good product at an affordable price.

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How To Choose The Best Sanders For Wood?

The sander is an indispensable tool to complete your craft projects. And it is also a popular choice of skilled carpenters.

It not only saves you time but the finished product also has a uniform smoothness.

There are many sanders for woodworking nowadays and you may end up making a bad investment if you do not look carefully.

And for those who don’t have much experience, we’re happy to help you choose the best sanders for wood through this post.

These are the factors that you should consider when choosing a sander for woodworking.

#1 Types of sander

The sander for woodworking is not only one type, so you should learn about different types to have a suitable choice.

The sander has the types of orbital sander, belt sander and disc sander. Some places may have different names but you can distinguish them easily by their appearance.

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so you should learn about each one to choose the most suitable one.

#2 The sandpaper

You need to consider the type of sandpaper that the device can integrate. Many types of sanders require specific types of sandpaper, so you need to know if the equipment you choose has any special requirements.

And a device that can easily replace old sandpaper would also be a better option.

#3 Dust collection

A sander who can collect dust while you work automatically will also be an ideal choice. With dust collection, you don’t need to stop often to remove wood dust.

That is why it saves you time and increases performance. It will also help you avoid the clutter caused by wood dust after work.

#4 Comfort

You should really find a device that can provide comfort when working. An ergonomic design will make you comfortable holding the device and not hurt your hands.

So you should choose devices with this design so that you can work longer without feeling uncomfortable.

#5 Variable speed

If you want flexibility in your work, you should choose a sander with variable speed. This element enables you to flexibly process more materials and for a variety of purposes.

For example, you can adjust the sander working at low speeds to areas that require meticulousness, and then you can adjust the high speed to work with rough surfaces.

Why You Should Get The Snake Heat Pad?

In common with most species of reptiles, snakes are ectothermic or also called as cold-blooded animals. This means they cannot regulate their own body temperature. They need an external heat source in their enclosure to survive.

Therefore when you keeping a snake, it is the best option for providing heat for your snake by getting a special heat pad.

Snake heat pad has been known as a snake under tank heater is a convenient and effective way of warming up your snake’s enclosure. This device will help you to create the optimal temperature inside the snake tank. This post is the reason why you need a heating pad for your snakes.

Why do snakes need heat pad?

As suggested above, snakes are cold-blooded animals. In the wild, snakes receive heat from their environment. This is why they often hide under the rock or underground in order to retain heat.

Some species of them such as corn snakes also prefer to bask on the top rock and receive heat from direct sunlight.

In captivity, you should provide them an alternative heat source to keep them warm. And snakes also require a cooler place to decrease their body temperature. This is where the heat pad comes to handle. The best reptile heating pad will create the gradient temperature inside your cage.

Snakes need the heat source to maintain and improve their internal functions such as digesting food, excreting waste, respiration and immune system. If they do not get enough heat, snakes will become sluggish, unconscious, less active, or even dead.

Heat pad vs the other heat sources

There are many options for heat sources that can provide heat for your snake’s cage. The heat lamp is one of those options. This lamp will be placed on the top of the cage and emit the heat downs.

The heat lamp will suitable for the snakes that love basking such as snakes. However, the heat lamp dries out the air in the cage so you should only use this device for the snacks that require a low level of humidity.

Using heat lamp, you also have to turn off the lamp at night to avoid bother your snakes.

One more method for heating the cage is using heater cable. This is the cable that wrapped around the bottom of the cage but this is easy to overheat your snakes.

For all the cases, you are recommended to use the heat pat. You can provide your snakes with the constant and proper temperature for 24 hours without upset their day/night cycle since heat pad emit no light.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Roofing Nailer?

The best roofing nailer is a tool that will help you roof and repair the roof professionally and simply. This is also a device that can provide the maximum support for those who are not a professional roof repairman.

Currently on the market there are many types of roofing nailers, so it’s not easy to choose the best nailer for roofing. Without thorough research, you may end up making the wrong investments.

So take some time to research what you need when buying a roofing nailer.

#1 Suitable for roof type

Of course, the roofing nailer you choose needs to be suitable for the roof type. Some roofing nailers can only work with certain types of roofs.

Therefore, you should consult carefully from the manufacturer to choose the equipment that can work with your roof.

#2 Cordless or Pneumatic?

There are two types of roofing nailers that you need to choose: cordless or pneumatic roofing nailer.

The cordless roofing nailer comes with the battery and airbox, so there will be no entanglements caused by the cord. And this is also an advantage when you use this device on the roof.

The best cordless roofing nailer will not make a loud noise when you work. And surely everyone wants to own such a silent device.

The pneumatic roofing nailer works with the air compressor and the tubes needed to direct air to the device. And this roofing nailer type works as soon as you press the trigger, it also has lighter weight.

#3 Weight

When working on the roof, you will certainly not be able to work as flexibly and easily as on the ground. That’s why you need a lightweight device that can help you work comfortably on the roof.

A device that provides comfort will increase work efficiency and you can manipulate it a lot easier.

#4 Nail capacity

If you do not want to move too many times between the roof and the ground to reload nails, then choose a device with large nail capacity.

A device that can work with different nail sizes is also a wise choice.

Buying Guide: Best Rifle Borescopes

Bores of guns and rifles need your particular attention, and their maintenance is the most crucial for keeping your weapon in an excellent condition. Rifle borescopes have now made the task of maintaining rifles much easier than it used to be. Here is a quick buying guide to tell you all what you need to know for buying the best rifle borescopes.

#1 Borescope Light

Regular cleaning of your rifle requires you to inspect it from inside with detail. If you do it blindly without spotting the places with any sort of corrosion, rust or blockage, you never know if you’ve done it properly or not. An LED light is installed in the rifle borescope which illuminates the rifle from inside and helps you in inspecting every part of your rifle closely.

#2 Borescope Camera

Borescope for rifles must have a high-resolution inbuilt camera for taking pics of hard to view, narrow, and out of sight parts like muzzle, vents, pipes, curves, and corners inside your rifle. Saving those pics can then help you in cleaning the targeted areas of your rifle. After that, you can do a second inspection to see how well the cleaning is done.

#3 Teslong Screen

Rifle borescopes come with a variety of teslong screes to choose form. The teslong screen of borescope for rifles is usually a 3.5 to 4 inches LED screen which is attached to the borescope for viewing the inside of rifles The corded or rigid plug-in works extremely well for those who don’t feel a need of connecting it wirelessly, but if you feel uneasy attaching the cables then a rifle borescope with Wi-Fi connectable teslong screen would be better for you.

#4 Smartphone and Laptop Connectivity

Now, most of the borescope for rifles is connectable to smartphones, tablets, and laptops. So you can easily save and view pics and videos on your chosen device.

Spotting any build-up or damage inside your rifle or gun can help you in keeping it in the best condition for long. So a rifle borescope is essential for those who care for their rifles.

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Does CBD make you hungry?

When it comes to CBD, one of the most frequently asked questions is: Does CBD make you hungry? Although many people are aware of the fact that the use of minced meat may have an effect on appetite, the phenomenon is often called munchies, but few people know why this effect is completely happening. How to use alcohol cbd. Due to this ignorance and the fact that cannabidiol (CBD) is an existing substance in a hash plant, many people believe that CBD will amplify one’s appetite if consumed.

However, the hashish factory lookup has clarified our perception of the consequences of hashish and why it can make an adult’s appetite.

Marijuana and hunger

The hashish plant combines more than one hundred types of cannabinoids along with the two most famous types of CBD and THC. Both compounds interact with the endocannabinoid device of our bodies, but both have a special effect on the physique and brain. As mentioned above, marijuana is recognized to amplify the impulse to food and scientific analysis has helped to give an explanation for variations between THC and CBD and due to the fact that they have consequences. terrible for appetite.

Does weed increase your metabolic rate?

About 80% of people who smoke weed have a quick withdrawal syndrome. Signs and symptoms are what we already know, so there’s nothing new in it. How to pass marijuana out of your system quickly. However, this is annoying and depending on these symptoms, there is also an increase in waist and hip ratio due to greater calorie consumption and / or restriction of metabolism in the process of stability and increase. physical fat ratio.

A number of studies on the endogenous cannabinoids of Islam – chemical compounds that your body naturally produces like marijuana – have led to a study that can minimize the ability to produce metabolic syndrome. Can prevent cannabinoids. Diabetes and various health problems Also, as you said, marijuana use can also be an aspect that affects hunger. Mary Jane When swallowing sweets Many sweets (especially sweets that do not support a balanced diet) may have a negative health effect that is different from the results of metabolism.

There are many studies examining the fact that a popular search has recommended weed metabolism, but the use of hashish may be almost entirely related to weight gain and pre-diabetes. before the onset. People can also agree with marijuana that can speed up metabolic processes due to the fact that you have never heard of smoking and related metabolism. But this no longer appears to match marijuana.

How to measure the pH and chlorine level of the hot tub water

It should be noted that the levels of both elements are modifiable, that is, they can be altered to make them higher or lower and thus achieve the desired degree of each one. Also, there are corrective meters whose task is, in addition to obtaining the information on the state of the chlorine and pH of the water, to correct it automatically balancing the mismatched levels of each component.

Remember that, in addition to keeping water compounds in good condition, the use of a good filter and pump for hot tubs or pools is essential to keep the water clean. Furthermore, the use of chemicals for its purification and disinfection can be affected by PH and chlorine levels, since these directly influence the reaction that artificial substances can generate when they come into contact with water and its components.

We all enjoy taking a bath in a tub or pool as it is relaxing and fun but many forget how important it is to conserve the water’s good condition. To achieve this last step, one of the things that should be done more regularly is the measurement of the pH and chlorine levels it has. These elements play a role in water maintenance because they are key when selecting the type of chemical that will be applied in it; they are also directly related to aspects associated to the health of the skin and eyes of people.

Regardless of whether there is talk of a pool for several people, an individual bath tub or a hot tub for two people; taking control of the compounds in their water is something that may not be overlooked. The pH is a measure that indicates the degree of acidity or alkalinity of certain solutions, and chlorine, on the other hand, it is a chemical element generally used for the disinfection of aqueous solutions, both, according to the level in which they are, represent and indicate its salubrity’s rating.

The PH measurement is established on a scale from 0 to 14, so that the assessments closer to 0 indicate higher acidity and those closest to 14 indicate higher alkalinity, with 7 being the neutral point or ideal PH. Therefore, for water to be adequate when it is used, this level must be kept between 6 and 7. The meters, in this case, are divided into two groups: those that consist of electronic devices to perform their work and those constituted by technologies that work based on direct chemical reactions.

Both methods use chemical reagents to make an analysis of each element to be measured. However, the former, also known as OTO meters, are composed of panels or indicators that show the levels of total chlorine and PH by performing tests in which a few drops of the reactive compound are added to a specific amount of the liquid and, in this way, the reaction it exerts upon contact with water is studied. These devices work with changing shades, which reveals, according to the color of the sample, the information of the phase in which it is located.

In the second case, the most common choice is the use of tablets. Also known as DPD meters, they allow detecting the amount of residual free chlorine and pH in water through a simple test, these also have a colorimetric scale that serves to compare the color of the water stained after adding the reagent. When working with tonalities, a wrong perception can be obtained if the process is executed in a place with light problems, for this reason it is recommended to perform it in spaces that do not have intense or sparse light and that contrast the results with a white surface in the background.

Travel Hygiene for Cleanish Vagrants

Travel hygiene isn’t really something we like to think about, because it’s sometimes better not to remember how gross you get while backpacking. But you can’t make friends if you smell like a horse, as we learned through many sad, sad experiences. Fortunately, unlike backpackers of the olden times, you don’t have to spend two months smelling like patchouli and homeless, and you will never again have to avoid hugging your new travel friend for fear that they faint.

Unless you totally dig that smell, in which case, I don’t know what to tell ya. [credit]

If I could have it my way, I’d always smell like a human and not like a farm animal. Unfortunately, when I am not attentive to my hygiene I become a disgusting wildebeest, and I’ve been mistaken for a homeless person on numerous occasions (I’m not saying this for comedic effect. This has actually happened, and it wasn’t funny). This problem is compounded because I love doing dirty things, like camping for extended periods, working outside, and living in mudhuts. I just find these activities enjoyable, so I’ve had to come up with a few ways to fake being a clean person while I’m on the road.

1. Hang your clothes to dry in a windy sunny place to blow out the smell and kill the bacteria with UV rays.

2. Don’t ever try on shoes you find on the side of the road (or floating in a river) without spraying them with some serious antifungal or bleach!

3. Pack some trash bags so you can keep your dirty clothes separated and sealed, because it sucks when you dig through your bag to find something clean and realize that it all smells the same, even when you are sure that SOMETHING was recently clean. Also, don’t be ashamed about determining clothing’s suitability for wear by conducting a sniff test – we all do it. Also, know that your sniff test standards will rapidly deteriorate with each additional month on the road, so be conscious of this fact.

4. If you have a towel that is wet and a towel that is dry, you can roll them together and squish them to average the water content (two half-wet towels will dry a lot faster than one sopping wet towel, and towels take forever to dry, unless you get one of those fancy microfiber towels).

5. Brushing your teeth dry (sans toothpaste) is way better than not brushing them at all. Seriously, how do some people not realize this? Just try to rinse your toothbrush.

6. Speaking of tooth hygiene, do you know how magic baking soda is? Baking soda is my one beauty/hygiene product that I’d have trouble doing without. Use it to brush your teeth, deodorize your armpits (it works! Not like those other organic deodorants that your smelly hippie friends swear by – it ACTUALLY works! Take it from a fellow smelly person). Check out these other nifty uses for baking soda here. Your only problem will be trying to convince airport security that this strange white powder in your bag is actually totally harmless and legal.

Honestly officer, it’s wrapped in a condom because I just didn’t have any bags on hand. And the mushrooms, those are just for decoration! I was going to build a centerpiece! [credit]

7. Lavender makes a good deodorant because it’s marginally antimicrobial. Other things I’ve been known to rub under my pits: Coconut oil (antimicrobial and antifungal – and much nicer feeling than baking soda!), corn starch, sea salt, tea tree oil.

8. Diluted apple cider vinegar makes a nifty facial toner if you need something in a pinch. Olive and coconut oils are awesome for removing mascara and eye makeup.

9. Pack a baggie of corn starch to use as dry shampoo, and you can add some cocoa powder if your hair is dark. It really works! Just avoid overdoing it with the corn starch, or you’ll look like you have a gnarly case of dandruff.

You’ll notice that we didn’t use any of our own pictures in this article. A great man once said, “Remember me not as I am but as I used to be that day two or three weeks ago when I took a shower,” or something. [credit]